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Hi, I’m Amy Planck and I’m an Intuitive Life Coach for sensitive empathic women who want to transform their emotional pain into passion + purpose.

I support soulful, sensitive women in finding their confidence + raising their standards.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I read your energy + channel a message from my spirit guides, just for you. This is called a soul reading. Here is where we dive into your struggles, blocks, grief, pain, heartache + your soul’s mission.




My mission is to inspire + teach women like you how to use your heavy emotions like grief, fear and pain as fuel for your life’s purpose.

You CAN move through the overwhelm, confusion + doubt that you’re feeling RIGHT NOW, in this very moment. I know it feels like it’s going to last forever… But, trust me, it’s only temporary and this is just a phase. It doesn’t have to be FOREVER.

Once you have the strategies + support system in place, the fog WILL begin to lift + you’ll find clarity + a lightness + peace of mind.

Trust me. I know. I’ve been there…



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My Story

I know what it’s like to settle for less. I know what it’s like to struggle with raising your self confidence and setting higher standards. I know what it’s like to shy away and hide your magnificent beauty and gifts from the world.

After leaving a heart breaking relationship, resigning from a dead end job and witnessing my beloved cousin, Brad pass away from colon and liver cancer at the young age of 40, I decided to stop living on auto-pilot, face my fears and follow my heart.

It wasn’t long before I’d created a project called the #BeBraveForBrad campaign to move through my grief by identifying and facing 40 of my deepest fears. As time went on, my inbox was flooded with messages from all kinds of folks and I realized that by sharing my story I could inspire others.

This realization inspired me to create a giant, vision board which spanned an entire wall in my apartment. I started to dream of a more bold, colorful and fun life, full of humor + joy, where I felt amazing and as a result, I was able to inspire the masses. I dreamed of using my intuition to inspire, coach and mentor women to face their fears, follow their hearts and go after their big dreams. I dreamed of teaching dance classes where ladies could just have fun, giggle, laugh + play, leaving their worries at the door. I dreamed of marrying the man of my dreams, having 3 beautiful children and getting a black Newfoundland dog as a pet.

From 2013 to 2016, I enrolled in all kinds of alternative healing + intuition classes + was certified in a variety of modalities. I also started working under two of mentors, who provided pivotal support as I started taking steps to change my life. In 2017, I started my business and started teaching Let Your Yoga Dance classes to ladies in my community. In 2018, I continued teaching Let Your Yoga Dance classes, I started accepting Intuitive Coaching clients and I invested in a high level coaching program to learn more about coaching + running an online business.

Currently, I still teach dance classes + I’m creating my own healing dance class called Joyful Expressions + Healing with Amy. I also do Soul Readings and I work, one on one with clients for a longer period of time in my signature, 3 month program. Personally, I’ve started dating again & I’m optimistic that, as long as I’m loving on myself + doing what I love, it’s just a matter of time before I attract the man of my dreams + start a family. I’ve also started looking into getting a newfoundland puppy, yayyyyy.

My Why

My why is because I know what it's like to feel extreme grief, heartache + loss and not really know how to "let it go" and move on. I know what it's like to GET stuck in HEAVY EMOTIONS. I know what it's like to feel like you've lost everything + what it's like to discover the heart, discipline and courage to start over and rebuild your life again, from ground zero. I know the extreme fear, confusion + overwhelm that you feel when you put yourself out there in, new + vulnerable situations and the messiness that occurs when you start the process of growth. And finally, my why is because I know what it's like to feel in your gut, in the depths of your soul, that you're meant for more but you really haven't a clue what you're doing or how to get there.

My Drive

What drives me is an innate desire to be a great leader who leads by example, with compassion + courage. Knowing, deep within me, that each time I step into my own personal power and confidence, my actions have the ability to inspire countless females all around the world. What drives me is a tenacity + will to inspire the masses into transforming their pain into their own unique passions + joyful expressions. What drives me is a strong desire to honor all of the people whom I've loved + lost over the years, who’ll never have the opportunity that I have right here, right now to create a life + business that I love.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I hope that I can pass along to you, the same gift of guidance and support that I received from my own Intuitive Coaches + Mentors over the years, while finding my way, fighting my own battles + overcoming life’s heartbreak’s + losses.

From the bottom of my heart to yours, thank you so much for visiting my site + reading my story. I wish you all many blessings along your own unique path + healing journeys. And of course, I’d love to hear from you! If you feel drawn to, please feel free to drop me a note at

Many Blessings,






A Few Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love comedy shows + movies. Laughter is the best medicine. My favorite funny peeps are Kevin Hart, Melissa McCarthy, Joe Lycett + my best friend Jessica.

  2. I love taking long baths + splashing around in the bubbles. I’ve recently been introduced to “bath bombs” which are my new bathroom besties.

  3. I love creatively expressing myself through writing, dancing, painting, interior design + building websites.

  4. I love learning. I’m a life long learner. You can usually find me studying under a mentor or taking a class in my spare time. One of my greatest passions is language. I love learning Spanish + I love, love, love teaching English to children + adults in China.

  5. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and I’m certified in Feng Shui, Reiki, Shamanism, Yoga + Let Your Yoga Dance.

  6. I love cooking. I love mixing and experimenting with different flavors and textures of various foods. I love making food and sharing it with people I love.

  7. My first man crushes were LL Cool J in the 5th grade and Harrison Ford in the 8th grade.

  8. I love making green smoothies with avocados, spinach, bananas and pears.

  9. I love being weird + woo-woo. I love playing with crystals, rocks, oracle cards, and tarot cards. My soul is happiest when I’m in tune with this side of myself.