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Lucy McCormack,

Light Centred Life Coach

“I loved my session with Amy.  She told me all the things I needed to hear.  By the time we were finished I felt empowered and full of life.  She gave me some concrete suggestions to deal with some of the things that were holding me back and was incredibly accurate with all her insights.  I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants to move forward with their life with extra support and clarity.”

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Angie Crawford,

Certified Life Coach

“Today is one of the most transformational Awe-ha moments for me in quite some time. I am a certified life coach and have been going through personal growth and development for over 25 years. 

I don’t say this to impress you. I say this to impress upon you the importance of having someone who has gifts different from those you may embody. A simple 60 minute call can be life changing. Amy shared the baby steps I needed to take to help me to come full circle in my vision and reminded me to celebrate the action steps I had already taken to complete the personal vision I had for myself and a workshop and masterclass I had already in place. She reminded me of the special gifts I felt made me unique and encouraged me to move forward to the finish line. 

I immediately felt empowered and invincible knowing I had the tools and action plan already in place. Thank you, Amy!”

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Paola Collazos,

Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Author of the book, "We are Magical Beings"

“Amy's uplifting spirit would wake any bear from hibernation. Not only is she extremely accurate with her readings, she provides practical and thoughtful tips to do to move you along your path. She is a natural healer. Her reading came with images, poetry, and messages from source that completely resonated with me. With impressive precision, she was able to tap into my energy and tell me what I've been feeling day by day and what I have gone through in the past. She was even able to identify where my faulty thinking is. The best thing about my reading is that I was left feeling energized, filled with positive vibes and empowered. Amy is a natural and a beautiful spirit .”

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Michele Ivory,

Emotions and Mindset Wellbeing Coach

“Amy is a gorgeous individual. Amy’s reading sat really well with me, I could resonate so much with it, some of it made me laugh out loud because what she was saying was so true, I was thinking wow Amy really is the real deal! Our session helped me see the path I was going down. Our session felt so high vibe but empathic. I really adore Amy’s work and I highly recommend her.”


“You are so bang on!! Thank you thank you thank you! You are such an amazing soul, Intuitive and Coach!”


“Thank you for a wonderful and amazing experience. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it. Your poem is beautiful and brought me to tears. Thank you for being so cheerful and positive.”


“When I first talked with Amy, I felt a sense of joy, exuberance and a heart to help people. Even with taking my baby steps, it seemed I’d keep getting stuck so it seemed good to have someone who had my back and had such a great desire to see me succeed. Now, I do believe that I can, with work & due diligence, achieve my goals & dreams & have that abundant life that I long for.”


“Thank you for the sweet, insightful poem!! You are very gifted, Amy!”


“There are no words to express the Potency of this sacred message. Your keen insight is tuned in and pointed true North. Thank you 🙏 I bow in gratitude.”


“OMG you're amazing... You hit EVERYTHING nail on the head....”


“Positive vibes, great readings and accurate, just one of the best out there ... would definitely recommend...🙏❤️”