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Who this program is for: 

  • Ladies who’re highly sensitive

  • Ladies who know, deep down, that they’re meant for more

  • Ladies who desire life coaching that’s done in a joyful, fun loving way

  • Ladies who want heart centered, intuitive guidance from my spirit guides

  • Ladies who want clarity + validation on what specific steps to take next

  • Ladies who want to raise the bar + their raise their standards

  • Ladies who want to learn how to set emotional boundaries

  • Ladies who’re willing to be vulnerable + take the action that’s required to dive deep into their heavy emotions, pain (s) + suffering in order to move forward

  • Ladies who can afford this program + who’re willing to invest in themselves in order to get the support they desire when manifesting their big dreams

Who this program is NOT for: 

  • Ladies who aren’t interested in receiving intuitive guidance

  • Ladies who’re not willing to allow themselves to be vulnerable

  • Ladies who don’t want to work through their heavy emotions + patterns that are keeping them stuck

  • Ladies who’re not willing to take small risks, put themselves out there + participate in co-creating with the universe to manifest their heart’s desires

  • Ladies who aren’t willing to invest in themselves to get the support they desire

What you can expect to get out of this program:

  • A combination of intuitive readings, guidance + life coaching

  • Clarity on specific emotions, subconscious patterns + limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Clear, guided + supported action steps that you can take, right now, in order to move forward

  • Clarity + validation on where you should laser focus your energies, right now

  • Increased self confidence, self esteem, self worth + a higher set of standards

  • Establishment of healthy emotional boundaries 

  • Overall feeling of clarity, lightness, momentum + peace

 How this program is structured:

  • 3 full months of a dedicated Intuitive Mentor

  • 4 sixty minute Intuitive Life Coaching Calls per month

    12 sixty minute Intuitive Life Coaching Calls for the entirety of the program

    (Each call includes a 30 minute Soul Reading + 30 Minutes of Life Coaching)

  • Weekly e-mail support in between sessions

Bonuses Include:

  • Course Introductory Call

  • One free month of additional email support after the program ends (M-F)

  • One free month of Intuitive Life Coaching Calls (4 extra sixty minute calls)


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