Amy Planck
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Hi, I’m Amy Planck and I’m an Intuitive Life Coach for sensitive empathic women who want to transform their pain + raise their vibes.

I support sensitive, soulful women, like you, in finding your confidence + raising your standards.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I read your energy + channel specific, tailored messages for your highest good, from my spirit guides. These are called soul readings. During a soul reading, we dive deep into your heart to identify your struggles, blocks, grief, pain, heartache, soul’s mission + gifts.


I feel your heartache + your grief.

And, I’m here to support you.

It’s time to START showing up + STOP Hiding.

It’s time to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS + STOP settling for less.

It’s time to set boundaries.

Beautiful lady,

It’s time to remember your soul’s mission.

It’s time to be YOU!

 Let’s get started by keeping it real + having a little heart to heart with my spirit guides.




Dear Spirit Guides,

  • Do you really have my back?

  • What steps should I take to move forward?

  • Why do I keep going around in circles?

  • Will I ever feel clear, validated and focused?

  • Will I ever feel light + worry free?

  • How can I manifest my heart’s desires?

  • How can I feel ALIVE again, like I’m living life, BIG + BOLDLY, on my own terms?



And, do you feel like....png

And, why do I feel like…

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And, why do I feel like…

  • I’m sad + alone

  • m not good enough

  • I’m always second guessing myself

  • My sensitivity is a curse, rather than a gift

  • I’m always trying to “figure” things out

  • I’m constantly berating myself + beating myself up

  • My life is stagnant + I’m stuck + indecisive

  • I’m dwelling on the past + focusing on all of the should of, could of, would of (s)



Dear Sensitive Soul,

We know it hurts right now, but you CAN move through your GRIEF, HEARTACHE + PAIN. 

You CAN move past this cloud of fog + confusion that surrounds you.

Remember, you came here for a reason.

You're meant for more than the confines in which your current reality dictates.

In fact, you're meant for your own personal greatness.

You CAN + WILL feel your heart joyously beat once again.

And along your journey, remember that you came here to fulfill a special purpose that only you can fulfill.

Know that, we always have your back + you’re never, ever alone.

Know that, you’re ENOUGH.

Know that, you’re WORTHY of that which your heart desires.

Know that you’re universally LOVED, CHERISHED + ADORED.

Know that you’re UNIQUE+ BEAUTIFUL, just as you are.