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What you can expect during an

Intuitive Soul Reading

  • An intuitively guided message

    + reading, from me, just for you

  • A channeled message from my team of spirit guides, just for you. This channeled message will be in the form of a poem.

This is where:

  • I read the energy of your heart

  • I dive deep, beneath the surface + feel into what’s happening, on a soul level

  • I feel into your thoughts, beliefs, subconscious patterns and heavy emotions to discover what’s bothering you

  • I feel into where you need to focus your energy in order to move forward

How an Intuitive Soul Reading is structured:

I jump right in + share my intuitive message + the channeled poem from my spirit guides with you

Then, we chit chat for a bit and we come up with 3 baby steps that you can take to start moving forward, towards your heart’s desires

What you can expect

AFTER an Intuitive Soul Reading:

  • An email with your channeled poem

What NOT to expect during or after an

Intuitive Soul Reading:  

  • A Mediumship reading. This doesn’t include messages from your loves one who’ve crossed over to the other side as part of my reading.

  • A Psychic Reading. This isn’t a reading about your future. This is a reading about where you are right now, today + what you can do to move through + heal parts of your life, so that you CAN raise your vibes + create a life that you absolutely love!

  • Specific timelines. I don’t do timelines of when future events will take place.