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Hi, I’m Amy Planck and I’m an Intuitive Life Coach for sensitive empathic women who want to transform their pain + raise their vibes.

I support sensitive, soulful women, like you, in finding your confidence + raising your standards.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I read your energy + channel specific, tailored messages for your highest good, from my spirit guides. These are called soul readings. During a soul reading, we dive deep into your heart to identify your struggles, blocks, grief, pain, heartache, soul’s mission + gifts.

Let’s get started by having a little heart to heart with my spirit guides.



  • Do you really have my back?

  • What steps should I take to move forward?

  • Why do I keep going around in circles?

  • Will I ever feel clear, validated and focused?

  • Will I ever feel light + free of worry and confusion?

  • How can I manifest my heart’s desires?

  • How can I feel ALIVE again, like I’m living life, BIG + BOLDLY, on my own terms?




Am I smiling on the outside, when I really feel like…

  • I’m discouraged, sad and alone

  • I’m not worthy + I’m not good enough

  • I’m always second guessing myself

  • I’m always trying to “figure” things out

  • My sensitivity is a curse, rather than a gift

  • I’m always berating + beating myself up

  • I’m dwelling on the past + focusing on all of the should of, could of, would of (s)

  • My life is stagnant + I’m stuck + indecisive




We know it hurts right now, but you CAN move through your GRIEF, HEARTACHE + PAIN. 

You CAN move past this cloud of fog + confusion that surrounds you.

Remember, you came here for a reason.

You're meant for more than the confines in which your current reality dictates.

In fact, you're meant for your own personal greatness.

You CAN + WILL feel your heart joyously beat once again.

And along your journey, remember that you came here to fulfill a special purpose that only you can fulfill.

Know that, we always have your back + you’re never, ever alone.

Know that, you’re ENOUGH.

Know that, you’re WORTHY of that which your heart desires.

Know that you’re universally LOVED, CHERISHED + ADORED.

Know that you’re UNIQUE+ BEAUTIFUL, just as you are.


Hi, I’m Amy + I’m an Intuitive Life Coach

I’m a funny, sassy + playful gal who loves to inspire sensitive females like you to raise your self confidence + step into your personal power so that you can live the life you were meant to live.

My mission is to help you clearly identify and move through your pain, fear and grief so that you can transform those heavy emotions into fuel for your life’s greatest work.

I support females like you by providing clear, intuitive guidance on what’s blocking you from manifesting your heart’s desires + what you need to focus on to move forward.

I also provide ongoing support as you begin to take steps towards manifesting your dreams.




Paola Collazos -

Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Author of the book, "We are Magical Beings"

“Amy's uplifting spirit would wake any bear from hibernation. Not only is she extremely accurate with her readings, she provides practical and thoughtful tips to do to move you along your path. She is a natural healer. Her reading came with images, poetry, and messages from source that completely resonated with me. With impressive precision, she was able to tap into my energy and tell me what I've been feeling day by day and what I have gone through in the past. She was even able to identify where my faulty thinking is. The best thing about my reading is that I was left feeling energized, filled with positive vibes and empowered. Amy is a natural and a beautiful spirit .”

Michele Ivory -

Emotions and Mindset Wellbeing Coach

“Amy is a gorgeous individual. Amy’s reading sat really well with me, I could resonate so much with it, some of it made me laugh out loud because what she was saying was so true, I was thinking wow Amy really is the real deal! Our session helped me see the path I was going down. Our session felt so high vibe but empathic. I really adore Amy’s work and I highly recommend her.”

Sarah Irwin,

Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer & Intuitive Mentor

“You are so bang on!! Thank you thank you thank you! You are such an amazing soul, Intuitive and Coach!”

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